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    Poacher Ruined my hunt - still upset

    Bucs have killed me all season long. I wish the Bucs were in the 49ers position that's for sure.
  2. Rifle2Bow

    Poacher Ruined my hunt - still upset

    Thanks guys for the feedback. I filed a report with G&F and they are looking into it. Its unfortunate and with regards to you trophyhunter if you notice at the bottom of my entry I was looking for advice on a plan of action and to see what, if any experiences of the same kind, of my fellow sportsmen have had. That is the reason we have this message board is it not? to share experiences, stories, learn from etc. With that said, moving forward, if you dont have any input aside from a sarcastic "then why you telling us about it?" then please just keep it to yourself. I was looking for feedback not sarcasm? Well, off to Texas in two weeks for Hogs and Whitetails. Thanks again everyone!
  3. Rifle2Bow

    Poacher Ruined my hunt - still upset

    No. He phoned for someone to pick him up in a SxS who was obviously camping around there.
  4. Rifle2Bow

    Poacher Ruined my hunt - still upset

    He slit its throat and left it there and by the time I got to my blind in the am, the deer was gone.
  5. So I had a tag for 34a but couldn't hunt the opening because my sister got married last weekend but by Sunday I had drove down ASAP and set up over water honey hole. I figured a buck or two woulda have been taken over the weekend but hey I was just excited to be out there hunting. So Sunday evening getting there I notice there is a lot of hunting pressure and many of the campsites were being utilized by fellow hunters, some had taken spikes, small bucks and I was super excited to get to my spot after conversing w other hunters. Well, this is when it goes to shittt! I get to my spot for the evening hunt setup and after 3 hours and seeing doe after doe and fawn after fawn it started getting dark when all of a sudden I see a nice 3x3 that I start ranging (I'm hunting w my bow) but I'm waiting for him to clear some brush for a shot when all of a sudden I hear BANG right behind me and scares my buck away. At first I'm thinking someone was taking a shot and missed the same buck but that wasn't the case. I come outside my blind to notice another 'hunter' about 100 ft running away from where I was and thinking he took a shot on another buck in the area. That wasn't the case. Then I hear some ruffling behind some brush close to where I had come out of my blind and can see the silhouette of a deer so I draw my bow just in case I see antlers to my disbelief I don't and then I see the 'hunter' come up right behind the deer and catch a glimpse of me and get spooked realizing that he had just been caught in the act shooting on a doe. The deer was blasted in the hind legs and could barely move. Upon seeing me and being scared out of his wickets he asked if I was a game and fish warden and said he "totally thought it was a buck". Yea right man especially after I said I wasn't and told him to put it out of its misery did he acknowledge that it was his last night and he had to get something and to boot he looked wasted. It was a situation where the safety on my pistol was definitely off since he was probing questions that made me start to question what his intentions were and who I was that I was on the defensive now and just told him to get outta here and that I didn't see anything. My predicament was that I had just gotten there and was going to hunt that area till the close of my tag and I'm wondering about my safety in this spot over the next few days. I didn't say anything to game and fish about this piece of shoot poacher for that reason. To add to the hostility of the poacher in question, when he was packing his gear to no surprise he offered me a beer and left his trash, another 8 beer cans where he was sitting. Anyone had a situation like this and what have you done? To say the least it ruined my one week I look forward to every year and can only compare it to a time I had my car stereo stolen.
  6. Yes two cow elk and a bull elk. I've given a couple members their location already. PM me if you like the same.
  7. Rifle2Bow

    Unit 23

    That was the talk this morning among us hunters here was the lost dog. I'm getting quite frustrated as all I'm seeing is does n fawns. I heard the dogs this am but then caught wind of the lost pooch. What I heard all last night was the freaking elk bugeling and was waking up every time they did which felt like 2 or 3 times an hour. Nonetheless, I love it up here but I just want to see 1 buck......I'll take a spike.
  8. Rifle2Bow

    23n. PM me I can help

    I was in 23n for deer and bear the last 3 days and glassed an ran into cows and 2 Buck let alone they kept me up all night bugeling. Nothing in return, just helping a fellow sportsman. I easily could have got him w my bow I I had a tag as one was not scared if me or my Atv.
  9. I was talking about calling em in to my treestand haha!
  10. 23n just opened this past weekend. Bear line says its still open, I might call em in 2nd half of day if I have no luck w deer.
  11. Im over by the 260 and Young Hwy and brought a bear tag w me as well (just in case). I've seen 5 Muley does but no bucks this evening but I just got here so that is a good sign. I thought for a second I might be doing a quick turnaround to no avail because the only thing sticking out we're their big ole ears. If anyone has an Elk tag I would be happy to assist. I've seen 2 Cows and a really nice Buck. I didn't count the points but he had a really nice rack on em. Good luck if you're hunting and congrats if you tagged out. Hopefully I'll be one of those tomorrow.
  12. Rifle2Bow

    First 15 min of season.

    Good job man. I've seen lots of does but no bucks yet.
  13. Rifle2Bow

    Unit 23

    It was opening for archery black bear in 23N this weekend too so a lot of hunting pressure. I just got up here but am hunting M-W. wish me luck.
  14. Rifle2Bow

    Big Buck Down!!!

    Great job