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  1. Codywhi

    Spot n stalk AZ goat

    Was lucky enough to take this Antelope while my dad and daughter watched it all go down doesn't get much better then that!
  2. Codywhi

    Climbing tree stand?

    Thanks oneshot
  3. Codywhi

    Climbing tree stand?

    Hey oneshot what size ladder stands do you recommend?
  4. Codywhi

    Arrow speed and long range shooting

    285 fps or below for maximizing arrow flight, buy the archers advantage online program to play with setups and kentic energy. There is way more involved such as foc, spine stiffness ext, at 60+ yards you really start to notice the arrow flight,
  5. Codywhi

    Paleo Diet

    Check out the primal blue print book, I did paleo for a year straight a couple years back, the key for me was to make sure i hit my set daily calorie goal I still tracked all my food on my fitness pal, the book covers everything, they also have a website marks daily something? If you work a labor job or really active you might want to look into flexible dieting. Honestly I felt like crap for a year on paleo i have tons of friend who are strick paleo and have no problems.
  6. Codywhi

    Trail cameras

    3 bushnell pm sent
  7. Codywhi

    Arrow question

    Check out the gold tip F.A.C.T system little weighted incerts you can screw on an off to play with the FOC jumping to a bigger broadhead can really cause loss of penetration when you get into some of these huge cutting diameters. stiffer spine for sure as said earlier, I would recommend just buying the archers advantage program it's worth it's weight in gold.
  8. Codywhi

    Returning tag for reinstatement of bonus points

    So if A guy is sitting on 10 deer points and pulls a late dec tag but shoots a deer during the August OTC tag he can just surrender his tag?
  9. Codywhi

    Blacks Creek G11 Backpack

    All take it.
  10. Codywhi

    Illegal Blinds/Hunting in Madera

    There has been bear activity on the north side of the Mountain range as well. However it is against Federal and State rule for any person to enter the Madera Canyon area with a weapon (including bow and arrow) capable of operating. In other words the Madera Canyon area to within 1/4 mile of the closure area is illegal to hunt in. To get more details on the closure area contact the Forest Service Nogales Ranger District: 303 Old Tucson Rd. Nogales, AZ 85621 (520) 281-2296. There is an alternative for the archer. The Florida Canyon Work Center has a trailhead just before entering the work center area. This trailhead allows the hunter foot access to several trails on the north side of the Santa Ritas. To get there take I-19 to the Continental road turnoff. Follow the road east to Forest Road 481. Take the 481 road south to the trailhead parking area. From azgfd.com so if your hunting Madera canyon are you hiking all the way around from the bottom of the canyon? This says you can't even drive in with a weapon?
  11. Codywhi


    The last 2 years the same crossfit athlete has won the Arizona traintohunt.com competition... If you where to judge "hunting shape" off the traintohunt.com competition I'd say crossfit works well... 2 times is no fluke...
  12. Codywhi

    Tucson area roofing company?

    If it's not leaking in the trophy room it doesn't matter!!!
  13. Codywhi

    Tucson area roofing company?

    A leaking roof really??? U have a goat tag!!!! Get your head on straight Mr.azbow.....