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  1. andrsn12


    Yes, it's from San Carlos Rez. Tomorrow is the last day.
  2. andrsn12


    I just got my Buck yesterday. I haven't gotten it scored yet but what do you think it will score?
  3. andrsn12

    285/75/16 BFG All Terrains.

    I would be coming in from San Carlos, where could I meet you?
  4. andrsn12

    285/75/16 BFG All Terrains.

    Are the tires still up for sale?
  5. andrsn12

    Mojave or Diamondback?

    Is this rattler a Mojave or Diamondback? Killed 2 days ago in my parents back yard!
  6. andrsn12

    San Carlos Reservation Elk Tag

    Well, another year I didn't get drawn for the Coveted San Carlos Apache Reservation September Dry Lake & Hilltop Elk Tag!! But Good News, there's another Elk Lottery coming up for December Hunts. Maybe this time my luck will change. On the Bright Side, my son has a Unit24a Mule Deer Tag for November...his 1st deer tag! His tag just came in the mail yesterday. Can't wait!
  7. andrsn12

    Credit hit

    Thx for the info PRDATR. It's a waiting game now!
  8. andrsn12

    Credit hit

    My son entered 5 units for the hunt, how can he find out which Unit he got drawn?
  9. andrsn12

    Credit hit

    Got hit just a few minutes ago! My boy holds the lucky tag! Can't wait.
  10. andrsn12

    AZ Game and Fish fall draw

    Thank You PRDATR.
  11. andrsn12

    AZ Game and Fish fall draw

    When is the Drawing date for the 2015 Deer?
  12. andrsn12

    Big Bull Down!

    Big Bull Elk hit near Fort Thomas, AZ. (Unit 28 & 31 border). The picture was taken 07/14/14 at 05:45
  13. andrsn12

    San Carlos Lake 5/6/13

    Its a very sad sight! Is there anything in the plans from SCR&W Dept on cleaning all that up?
  14. andrsn12

    Peridot Mesa Poppies! Spring has sprung!

    That's what I see when I come out on my back porch! Spring is here!
  15. andrsn12

    2004 Artic Cat 300 4x4/trailer

    What's the new low price?