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  1. AceChicago

    Opening morning sucess

    very nice job
  2. AceChicago

    Got one down 734 am

    Come on send the pictures!!!!
  3. AceChicago

    Got one down 734 am

    Very nice congrats!!!
  4. AceChicago

    GOOD LUCK to all should be a great rut

    Good luck to all you early hunters out there. Save some of those big ones for us late tag holders. Good luck and be safe!!!
  5. AceChicago

    Non Resident solo hunt questions

    Thank you for your service. I am a 30b guy so if that is the unit you chose let me know. Willing to help out all I can. As far as the boadrer crossers use commen sence and you will be fine.
  6. AceChicago

    Danger in 30B

    I hunt this unit ever year at least 2 hunts every year. Never have had a problem with illegals alot of boader patrol. But depends on where you want to hunt? there is alot of open ground in30b just have to know how to get to it. I also have the nov8 tag, friends son has nov1 muley,son and friend from out of town has the nov15 muley tag down there this year. Ace