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  1. Irish Rob

    Safety, Safety, Safety guns are always loaded!

    It's not an "accidental shooting". Modern guns don't go off when you drop them. He had to have had his finger on the trigger, safety off, a round in the chamber, and pointed at another human being. He was arrested because his NEGLIGENCE almost killed a child. IMHO. Did you catch the part about the other unsecured loaded weapons placed around the house in the reach of a 6-year old?
  2. Irish Rob

    Do I have to have an ffl to ship a gun?

    Gunbroker.com also carries a list of cooperating FFLs, both in your zip code and the destination.
  3. Irish Rob

    Do I have to have an ffl to ship a gun?

    Your answer is on Gunbroker.com. Click the Help Button top right on the homepage, then Selling. Better than “some guy on the Internet said ....”
  4. I got this on my backyard cam in N Phoenix coming to water. I don't think domestic cat, what do you guys think? Any of those three would be unusual around the neighboorhood.
  5. Irish Rob

    19A questions, help

    Pay the trespass fees on Perkins and/or Larson Ranch. You’ll be one of few with scores of bucks to close in on.
  6. Sig makes a range of replacement factory front sight sizes/heights. Order direct from their website.
  7. Irish Rob

    12AW CHAMP

    CatfishKev - took that Coues in 1991 on Fort Huachuca, Area R, east of the rodeo grounds.
  8. Irish Rob

    12AW CHAMP

    azruger - FYI, took that one with a Ruger No 1 300 H&H.
  9. Irish Rob

    12AW CHAMP

    Nice typical 4x4, not a Kaibab monster, but he's mine. Opening day, 70deg and sunshine but the rut is full on, and that was this guy's downfall - not paying attention to anything but his does. SCI 156 7/8. Many thanks to my outfitter, Big Chino & Sons out of Prescott, for the help and assistance. Everyone in the Big Chino family - guides, helpers, the camp cook - is either a firefighter, EMT, or paramedic. Veteran friendly.
  10. Irish Rob

    Anyone try buing Point Guard lately

    Just did it yesterday. Logged into the portal, selected "you have applications"
  11. Irish Rob

    torn rotator cuff

    Do it. It doesn't get better on its own. The PT afterwards was the most painful I've ever had (and I've had three spinal fusions) but, 6-8 months later you are healed. Rotator Cuff recovery is a long haul. My surgeon was Dr. Michael Brennan in Phoenix. His office does the ortho for the Diamondbacks. I figured he's seen a lot of shoulders and elbows.
  12. Irish Rob

    New Coues Hunter / Fort Huachuca

    Also R, M. They will cross the Canelo Rd into the flats just at the turn of dusk and down.
  13. Irish Rob

    Mount Storage?

    Jim, when you say treat for bugs, what's the process/chemical?
  14. Irish Rob

    Fort Huachuca - December

    Subscribe to the FMWR Sportsman's Center Facebook page. They post open/closed range areas each week. Also be aware that some traditional good areas (T1, T2, T3) are now permanently closed due to unexploded ordnance. Also, Post access control points (the Gates) have changed this year. Think about Areas S, R, N.
  15. Irish Rob

    UNIT 10 Camping Options

    Be crazy not to get the Big Bo pass.