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  1. parrita58

    Free tents

    Where are you located
  2. parrita58

    Hunting Accessories

    Is bipod still available?
  3. parrita58

    Vortex Pro GT

    Interested where you located?
  4. parrita58

    Tundra Sequoia wheels and tires big price drop

    Would it fit 2015 4Runner?
  5. parrita58

    35B here we come

    I have the same hunt. Can't wait for some southern Az whitetail action! Me and my brother will be down there. I'll be driving a white with tan Jeep Wrangler YJ with the CWT sticker on the side of the hood. Stop by our camp if you see us.
  6. parrita58

    Well! Anybody going?

    Going down there 1st week of December ñ. HopING for some good hunting great food and drinks with the Vaqueros.
  7. parrita58

    35B here we come

    Nice going Ryan. I'm heading to 35b on Thanksgiving weekend. Hopefully it's cool enough to bring them big boys out.
  8. parrita58

    Meat Donation Tucson or nearby areas

    Hey Big or Bust my name is Marco I workfor the Community Food bank of Southern AZ im a Sous Chef at Caridad Community Kitchen. Unless the meat is processed by a licenced business I can't take it. I would also try the Salvation Army or gap ministries.
  9. parrita58

    On the board...

    Nice job Sir..
  10. parrita58

    Selling NAPA brake pads

    Which you where in tucson
  11. parrita58

    Southern Az rut predictions

    That's how it was at my grandfather's ranch Ernesto. 2nd week of January bucks where out and about. Thank you for the feedback guys
  12. parrita58

    What would you guess this scores?

    87-91 nice harvest
  13. parrita58

    Southern Az rut predictions

    What area dustin25?
  14. parrita58

    Southern Az rut predictions

    Thx METAU all the info for the eastern bucks says late October thru early december. I have notice that the rut here in az can be spontaneous and van happen one week and drop the following week and then it picks up again. It all depends in the area. I usually go to my grandpas ranch which is an hour and 40 minutes from the Nogales border during December and the 2015-2016 hunt the rut didn't pick up until the 2nd week of January 2016. It's been coming alot later than 5-7 years ago. I was just trying to see if anybody new someone who updates this info for the southern az coues rut. This website has been the most helpful ever since I became a member, you can't beat it for coues info.
  15. So I've been searching all over the we for more information focusing on southern Az rut predictions and information. I have only found minimal info and more focus on the east coast rut. Can anybody guide me to a better directon where they talk more about arizona rut?