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  1. NeckRoast

    When will results posted on portal accounts

    I was double charged and can confirm they did have to refund people. My parties tags were still issued.
  2. NeckRoast

    How long until cards are hit??

    I’ll pay the double charge if I get two tags.
  3. NeckRoast

    How long until cards are hit??

    I’ve got my original hit and the same hit tonight.
  4. NeckRoast

    How long until cards are hit??

    The real question is will they restart the draw, and refund those people already hit?
  5. NeckRoast

    How long until cards are hit??

    On a positive note everyone in every western state has these gripes. All the big ones are gone, there are no tags anymore, too many hunters in the field. With all the negative. The hunting still seems great to me when I get tags. Makes drawing a tag special and I make sure to get the most of everyone I get. Look at the hunter statistics of days spent in the field. I’d say 5-10% of tags never see a person step foot in the unit. That’s my only complaint. With turn in opportunities every tag should be in someone’s pocket with their feet on the ground in that unit for as many days as possible. Do the tag and folks who didn’t draw justice.
  6. NeckRoast

    How long until cards are hit??

    I got my hit 30 minutes ago. It’s definitely not over.
  7. NeckRoast

    Draw results

    Results are posted for me.
  8. NeckRoast

    What is this?

    Dinosaur eggs
  9. NeckRoast

    2019 growth

    In my zone it looks like the bucks are behind in growth of what they were doing last year. Picture is from July 27th
  10. NeckRoast


    Don’t look now but goldy has hit home runs in 5 straight. The diamondbacks gave him up for almost nothing. It’s unbelievable. Walker has played well but he is not goldy.
  11. NeckRoast

    Unit 36c

    All roads into this unit come off highway 286 and head west into the babos. Drive back until you can hike up into some elevation and glass. You’ll find deer. If you’re looking for something big at that time of year find a thick thick thick hill and stare at it the whole hunt. You’d be amazed what some of those hills can hide.
  12. NeckRoast

    Any shed action yet?

    Found these today. Had one coues buck on camera that had dropped 3/31. Seemed really early saw one buck today with one side still on.
  13. NeckRoast

    Any shed action yet?

    Got a few pictures of small wt bucks that had dropped one side.
  14. NeckRoast

    Hunting Report ?

    I was out today and the rut was still going strong near the border. I was in 33 on saturday and saw more solo does in there but bucks were cruising necks were still ultra swole and noses on the ground.
  15. When the deer draw results came out I was super excited to see I was able to draw a 36c late rifle hunt with my dad, tag 124 and 125 out of 125 permits! We have been in this unit many times in the past and have seen great deer. A little pre-season scouting turned up some bucks. Including a group of 7 bucks in a small rolling canyon that is hard to glass and gets overlooked by most over the years. We chose this to be our opening day starting point, which turned out to be the perfect plan. On opening day before even legal shooting light I was able to glass up deer across the small canyon and as light approached I could tell it was one of the nice 3x3s that we had encountered on our scouting trip. Once it was light enough to shoot my dad was able to drop his buck in its tracks at just under 200 yards on his second shot after narrowly missing just over the deer on the first shot and having it come 50 or so yards closer (he has done this several times over the years and calls it the “Alan method”). After several more days of hunting and many many days passing deer and a few really large deer narrowly avoiding getting shot at, me and my dad headed back to where he was able to get his shot. Almost in the exact same manner I was able to glass up another buck standing no more than 20 yards from where my dad’s buck had been. I wasn’t sure if I was quite done having the fun of chasing these little guys around but the buck just presented too good of a target to pass. After one shot he crumpled up without taking another step.