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  1. muckamuck

    Daughters 1st archery buck

    Congrats to you and her, that's awesome!
  2. muckamuck

    Delete please

    Hello gents, I found the answer to my question
  3. As the title says, I found an I phone in tucson mountain park. Reach out to me if it's yours. Dusty
  4. muckamuck

    Lion unit?

    It's to bad they closed the night hunting. I didn't do a lot of it, but a buddy and I called one in to about 20 yards. She came in running and then ate some buckshot. I'd definitely attempt it again if it were still open.
  5. muckamuck


    I have one 35x18... are you still in the market?
  6. muckamuck

    Phone skope

    I videoed my buddy missing a decent coues at 700 yards the other day. Not great quality but you can clearly see what's going on
  7. muckamuck

    Phone skope

    I have an attachment pieces for the phone scope. It fits swaro 15x56 made 2014-2015. It also fits other models (see their website). The model number is c3-011-a. I'd like to trade it for an attachment for older swaro 15x56s. Otherwise offer a fair price and its yours. Thanks, Dusty
  8. muckamuck

    Mathews Z7 extreme $550

  9. muckamuck

    Mathews Z7 extreme $550

  10. muckamuck

    Mathews Z7 extreme $550

  11. muckamuck

    Mathews Z7 extreme $550

  12. muckamuck


    Unfortunately no extra credit card debt for me!
  13. muckamuck

    It only took 47 years!

    Congrats! I'll be patiently waiting for pictures!
  14. muckamuck

    Mathews Z7 extreme $550

    I'm parting with my Matthews. It's 60-70# with a 28.5 inch draw. It has a focus gross, tru glow sight, newer string, stabalizer, drop away rest. Nothings wrong with it, I just don't use it anymore. $550 firm and I live in Tucson. Feel free to pm with any questions.
  15. muckamuck

    stainless GE sxs fridge/freezer

    How much to deliver to Rancho marana? lol I'll ask the girlfriend tonight if she's interested.