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  1. muckamuck

    Updated price! Custom built 6.5 creedmoor

    Thanks John, I'd like to sell this and get a nice longbow...its looking like I may be holding onto it though. 😐
  2. I have a 6.5 Creedmoor for sale that was built by Craigs Custom Rifles in Oro Valley, AZ. It shoots lights out, just selling because I don't gun hunt and I'd like the money to fund other projects. I've put about 250-300 rounds through the barrel. Specs : -Defiance Rebel SA, Timney Calvin Elite 2 stage trigger (8oz/16oz), bottom metal is from pacific tool and gauge, Krieger 26" barrel w/ 1/8 twist, little bastard brake, Bell and Carlson tactical medalist style 2 with vertical grip stock, and its topped with a Leupold Mark 4 8.5-25x50 first focal mil/mil scope. With everything just listed, the gun comes in around 12 pounds. I'm sure I'm leaving info out, but feel free to ask. I'll happily provide the best recipe I've found, a pound of H4350 and the spent brass that's only been fired from this gun. Everything but the bipod comes with the gun. $3600 or $2,900 without the scope and rings. I'm located in Marana. Dusty-517-seven one two-1342
  3. muckamuck

    My First AZ Black Bear

    Congrats on a nice looking bear! What elevation was he at?
  4. muckamuck

    first archery coues

    Congrats! That's a great buck! The right G2 looks long as heck!
  5. muckamuck

    Daughters 1st archery buck

    Congrats to you and her, that's awesome!
  6. muckamuck

    Delete please

    Hello gents, I found the answer to my question
  7. As the title says, I found an I phone in tucson mountain park. Reach out to me if it's yours. Dusty
  8. muckamuck

    Lion unit?

    It's to bad they closed the night hunting. I didn't do a lot of it, but a buddy and I called one in to about 20 yards. She came in running and then ate some buckshot. I'd definitely attempt it again if it were still open.
  9. muckamuck


    I have one 35x18... are you still in the market?