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  1. Adicted

    Sad news- Hoghunter

    Wow. Thats terrible.
  2. Adicted

    Massive Coues Buck

    Negative. Az buck killed last year
  3. Adicted

    Looking for a welder (wire)

    My son is looking to get into welding for little chit around the house. Such as roof rack, gate, little bs. Any recommendations and anyone have one for sale. Looking for wire feed. I know most say get gas but for what he needs is it necessary.
  4. Adicted

    Where Am I?

  5. Adicted

    Daisy fire getting big

    Wtf. Sad
  6. Adicted


    Perfect for the start up kit. 1/2” impact for the lugnuts to the 1/4 impact driver. 4 batteries and two chargers. Would like to sell as complete kit. Blower works but makes loud noise. Everything else works perfect.lifetime warranty 200$ in waddell.
  7. Adicted


  8. Practically new. Great for kids especially. Works perfect .
  9. Adicted

    Portable shooting bench—75$

  10. Adicted

    Sad Day

    My youngest has a 7w rifle bull tag if u want to tag along. Take a rear quarter home with u and also have fun.
  11. Adicted

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    Wow. More than i thought
  12. Adicted


    My kids r bummed. They loved that dog
  13. Adicted

    Would you vote for Sheriff Joe?

  14. Adicted

    Who’s played- TheHunter: Call of the Wild?

    what you need to play...just controller?
  15. Adicted

    Portable shooting bench—75$

    Yup waddell. 303 and peoria area
  16. Adicted


    I have 3.5 boxes of the 444 marlin 40$ box of 450 marlin 20$ 50$ for all. not sure on age
  17. Adicted


    Spf to niteman
  18. Adicted


    Not going mesa anytime soon. First come first serve.
  19. Adicted

    Anything you refuse to buy used?

  20. I had a brainfart and bought wrong ammo. Will trade for regular 45 ammo
  21. Adicted

    Trade 2 boxes of Colt-45 ammo for regular 45

    Have a guy im suppose to meet. Will let u guys know if doesnt happen
  22. Adicted

    Junior bird down!!!!

    Got er done. They were hot
  23. Adicted

    Effects of the virus scare?