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  1. What a Pain in the A$$ trying to find some half way decent boots for him. Have a Bull tag next week and need a waterproof pair of boots for him. Anyone have a set they want to sell. Let me know. Tried Cabelas, sportsmans, amazon, and coming up short when its time to ship they are out of stock, or takes 2 weeks to get in...
  2. Adicted

    Anyone Selling Size 15 Boots for my son?

    Broke fown and spent 250 on kids boots. Hes 14 hope his foot doesnt grow more
  3. Adicted

    20C access?

    Its bs
  4. Adicted

    Daughters Uncle got her a new gun

    thats awesome dewl... Loved shooting that 240. Tears chit up. Sounds like shes really loving it. Good for her
  5. Adicted

    Help Needed, Yuma Area Information

    reach out to the YUMA guy on here who always post those nice mulies
  6. Adicted

    Help Needed, Yuma Area Information

    been wanting that tag for years
  7. Adicted

    Unit 1 Semi live late archery hunt

    wow...so awesome. incredible
  8. Adicted

    Need a chronograph

    What part of town
  9. Adicted

    The trophy room!

    That mulie is $$$$$....story?
  10. Should have score shortly. What u think. Always fun to see peoples field judging skills
  11. Adicted

    Biggest draw tag buck killed this year?

    geez...i know peoples elk on here not that big..
  12. He was after another solid buck and never saw this one before...When he was glassing for his target buck that he saw many times this guy stood up. Boom
  13. Adicted

    Opening day success

    always love heavy muleys
  14. Cousin went out solo today since wind finally went away for one more chance. Found this little guy. 275 yd shot. What a buck
  15. Adicted

    Keep an eye out for stolen goods

    god I hate thieves
  16. Not much of story. Cousin is a great hunter. Went out on the last day by himself. Glassed this buck up and moved in closer. 275 yd shot and boom its over.
  17. That looks terrible