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  1. Adicted

    267/70-17 e rated tires. 75$

    50$ come get these..will be great for a work truck
  2. Adicted

    Popcorn thread

    Is this another one?
  3. I have this scope brand new in box. Never been mounted. Great long range scope for the price. Save u almost 250 off new. Price is firm at 480$
  4. Trying to bring white tanks deer herd back.
  5. Adicted

    New 1/2 Ton - What would you pick?

    Looks much better now. Nice truck
  6. I made loads with hornady eldx
  7. Tikka t3 lite in 270 win
  8. Yote is missing something
  9. Adicted

    Gov tag buck

    i would rather have the 350K put into a AZGFD Hunting rather than a ANTI hunting group...
  10. Adicted

    Gov tag buck

    holy moly...now we are going into the 300's...
  11. Eom yours if u want. Pm sent.
  12. Lets start a thread that toys only. Whats your prize or favorite machine. Could be a corvette or a quad or a moped. Post a pic of what u love and cherish. I will start.
  13. Adicted

    For Sale Winchester 1892 Copy El Tigre

    Love those old levers
  14. Adicted

    Need help, Clever pest control company names.

  15. Adicted

    looking to borrow 40qt cooler for a week

    what part of town are you...I have two canyon coolers but they are 75 qt... let me know if that works
  16. Adicted

    AZ Black Rattlesnake color change

    Here is one my wife and I stepped on in 6b. Was about 3-4 ft i say
  17. dang a plane....when we going scouting
  18. Adicted

    My Wife

    best wishes bob...hope things work out for the both of u
  19. Adicted

    Unit 36c

    remember this is a public forum and 10,000 other people can read the same thing and go there...send pm on stuff like this
  20. Adicted

    Raffle bull

    Holy Moly
  21. Adicted

    atv repair shop recommendation

    iron city polaris at 59th and van buren..new shop manager is good mechanic
  22. Adicted


    My buddy has the early rifle bull. Big dogs going down im sure. Think he had 23 pts