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  1. I need a bigger trailer so am selling this one. Its 10.5x6 ft on the insides. I have built this perfect for what I needed at the time. Has alot of hooks for tied downs, storage box on the front, new heavy duty ramp on the back. This thing can hold alot of weight. Not the light weight crap you get at the shops. Has big square tubing as a frame and bigger axel. The wood is in good shape. Tires are E rated and have 95% left. They are about 8 months old. Spare tire mount on the side. I hauled my 4 seat Polaris ranger on it. Also comes with a sway bar kit with it and you can see the little ball welded on the front/side for it. Great trailer and have title in hand. Compare prices on craigslist for something like this in this shape and they wont compare. Trailer is at my house so shoot me a PM. Price is pretty firm at 1100
  2. Adicted

    Wickenburg Mule Deer

    that one on the left is crazy big..dang
  3. Adicted

    Early rifle bull( pix added)

    thats awesome. Nice bull
  4. Adicted

    15 minutes from my house.

    that lion is thinking horse for dinner....
  5. Adicted

    Stolen rifle!

    Sorry to hear that bro. God a hate thieves....
  6. Adicted

    Senseless brutality

    Glad they caught those pos. Best wishes on recovery
  7. Adicted

    I love Julie!! Look what she found this time :)

    Thats too cool
  8. Adicted

    Any other juniors have success?

    We went out and had turkeys responding every night and morning but just couldnt get them to come in. It was weird. was told they were already with the hens so thats why they didnt come in. We had probably 10 return gobbles but just couldnt seal the deal.. Had a great time with the boy though
  9. Adicted


    So basically they r a bsckstop if u miss the target???
  10. Adicted

    turkeys not fired up???

    Dang. Taking the kds out today
  11. Adicted

    looking for kids camo

    I'm having a helk of a time finding camo for my oldest son....He wears adult small and you wont belive how hard its to fine. The ones i do find are 50 bucks for a pair of pants or shirt....Kids XL is too small and adult medium is too big... So if you have any adult small in arizona patters at all shoot me a message.
  12. Adicted

    My 100th post

    Nice pics
  13. Adicted

    Nikon Monarch 10X42

    Pm sending
  14. Adicted

    6B December base camp suggestions

    231 and 538 junction is a great spot.
  15. Adicted

    Latest Fabrication!!

    How bout for the covert mp6
  16. Adicted

    can you se the lion?

    My color blind butt cant see it....please tell where
  17. Adicted

    He's not old enough to hunt..

    nice pics...memories right there
  18. Adicted

    G&F EXPO

    They put on a great show this year, we really enjoyed it...Love the Gatlin Gun Truck
  19. Adicted

    draw results?

    got a elk hit...either me or my son archery bull
  20. Adicted

    We lost seven Marines today.

    rest in peace brothers.....semper fi
  21. i have the a 2005 also and would love that front bumper but no Dinero for it....good luck on a nice bumper setup