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  1. Adicted

    Big Sow

    nice bear, congrats to pops
  2. Adicted

    2001 thor wanderer 305tb want pay off

    haha just noticed that...
  3. This storm is going to mess up dove hunting for alot areas, unless you got a honey hole, its gonna be tough...Sucks
  4. I'm looking for a 26 or 27 inch parker spitfire bow module. Part SBH or SCH. I called parker and they dont have it anymore and said to try ebay or shops. I have tried all and am coming up bland. I am trying to shorten draw length on a bow and need those Modules. Can you help out. Thanks
  5. Adicted


    great generator...
  6. Adicted

    A few things for sale (Updated Prices)

    In waddell. Chair on hold.
  7. Adicted

    The RUT

    was a good rainy season up north this summer hopefully a good storm comes in the 2nd week of Sept to kick it off....
  8. Adicted

    A few things for sale (Updated Prices)

    welding helmet sold. Nobody wants a nice camping chair for your hunts....
  9. Adicted

    A few things for sale (Updated Prices)

    ttt....20 bucks for each
  10. I live right around the corner from you. We shoot bows at the park behind my house.
  11. Adicted

    silver dodge ram quadcab in waddell

    Nope on the back
  12. Adicted

    UNIT 7W Archery Bull Elk

    Thats messed up bigtime
  13. Adicted

    11m archery bull sept27\oct10

    Some big bulls in there. Get out early and listen for the bugle and keep moving. Thats a great hunt
  14. Adicted


    Not to easy to glass in 6b.
  15. Definitely take them to Robbins Butte for the youth hunts that G&F puts on. http://www.azgfd.gov/outdoor_recreation/wildlife_area_robbins.shtml After our spot was a bust we did go to this and the G&F guys told me that it was one of there worst years also...Said something about the flight patterns were messed up...I might do this again though
  16. Adicted

    scouting video

    Shooter in my book
  17. Adicted

    whats the best flashlight to carry in your pack

    So i decided to by the rigid halo 800. I went with that one after a few law enforcent officers told me they used and loved them. They r very light. I also carry a energizer headlamp also was just looking for something more powerful.
  18. Adicted

    Gun Boot SOLD just Bow Holder left

    whats your new hunting rig
  19. last year was probably the worst year for us...i took some kids out to our normal spot and the rancher kicked us out due to other idiots. We got some tips on a few other spots and it was not good. Only one dove killed last year between 3 kids. I was trying to get my youngest son hooked on hunting and dove was the key and last year was a bust for us. Hopefully this year I can find something. If anyone dont mind sharing a spot for a few kids shoot me a pm and I will keep shut about it. Thanks guys
  20. Adicted

    The reason I became a member of CWT

    Unit 21 has quite a few hybrids i hear...
  21. Adicted

    Hunter Nightmare

    Dang sorry to hear this. If u need anything such as optics for a hunt dont hesitate to ask
  22. Adicted

    whats the best flashlight to carry in your pack

    Anyone have the rigid 800 flashlight
  23. Adicted

    Got a new Hoyt but..

    Wow this is crazy. Good customer service is what its all about now days.