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  1. BDR

    Full moon myth?

    Awesome thanks. I wasn't sure if it was all in my head that I don't see as many deer when there's a full moon or if other found it to be true as well.
  2. BDR

    Full moon myth?

    Hey all I want to get some educated input on a full moon and how it affects desert mule deer. I've always heard that when there's a full moon the deer activity during the day is far less than when there's no moon. Also I've heard that rut activity increases around a full moon. What are your experiences? Thanks!
  3. BDR

    My Wife's 2017 Archery Muley

    Thanks everyone for the kind words! I'm telling you once she started archery hunting with me something clicked with her and she understood the challenge of it. Now she gets the obsession!
  4. Well I don't often share stories on here but this ones worth it! My wife has hunted all her life and she likes to say that she has been hunting since before I was born! Which is true because shes older than me and her parents took her early. But she has only been into archery this season. The night before she shot this buck she went out with her mom and our 4 KIDS to look for some deer while I was at work. I got the call just before sunset that she was into a group with a few bucks and that my mother in law was about to roll her suv on the side of a hill so I went quickly to where they were and got the suv corrected and went to find my wife. She ended up backing out with no shot and darkness coming quick. The next morning we went back and she found them again! This time only our 8 year old with us. My brother in law Kennyazman found us and we waited as she went in alone, I ended up leaving our son up on a hill across from my brother in law to go join her. As we were stalking a bigger buck this one gave us a decent shot at 48 yards. She drew back without ranging then as im standing standing by her in shock she asks for the distance - I reach into her coat pocket to grab the rangefinder and just a second after I say 48.5 I hear the bow right by my ear! As I watch the buck walk slowly over the hill I see no blood or arrow but when we go to where he was standing she finds blood and of course starts to cry and say "that was the coolest thing ive ever done!" HAHA We end up watching the buck go down with my son and brother in law nearby. She put in the time on the range with the kids while I was at work during the off season and I really had nothing to do with the kill other than the yardage. I cant say enough about her passion, patience, and perseverance. Cant thank my brother in law Kenny enough for all the help - ive learned alot from that dude. This is how ive always imagined hunting should be, full of family and lots of emotion. Oh and I forgot to mention she is 6 MONTHS PREGNANT with our 5th kid!! Thanks for reading.
  5. BDR

    Elite Energy 35 $600

    2014 Elite energy 60# 29" draw. Trophy ridge 7 pin sight. Trophy ridge quiver. Elite drop away rest. I purchased this last year and hunted January 2016. It's in great shape asking $600 thanks
  6. Haha... You can't choose in laws. Bump again with a super bowl Sunday price drop!! $8000 obo I have the running boards also that I took off, all hardware is here. I guess I could sell those separately as well. Thanks!
  7. Selling our old family vehicle. 2006 Expedition XLT 4X4 cloth interior 105,000 miles, tow package, almost new oversized tires, my wife is a neat freak to say the least and she kept this really clean, service done at dealership. We recently replaced the stereo with a new factory unit. Its a really good vehicle we just upgraded to the longer model because we keep having kids...