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  1. mobow213

    Tick no big deal?

    If ticks can survive a North Dakota winter they can survive three days in the freezer. And I seen folks lose their hides for a dead tick. Seems paying Juan to cross the hides is easier.
  2. mobow213

    Smuggling hides

    Sure it wasn't whale sausage?
  3. This seems pretty stupid thing to do. I think the hunters where lucky to get just a 300 slap on the wrist. Pretty sure they could of been charged with smuggling goods which is 5 years and 10 grand. Also guess cbp could seize their trucks. Reading the links show they tried hiding the hides in their truck.
  4. mobow213

    Uh oh...

    No safer hunting then paying the cartel to let you hunt on their land I guess
  5. How are folks planning on traveling to Sonora for this year hunt? I was looking at driving but been told while nothing is stopping us from travel into Mexico that the wait time are expected to be longer this year when coming back. Or should I look at flying? Also is it better to bring my stuff back and risk loosing it cause of a tick, or I heard I can pay extra to have someone else ship my trophy across the border for me.
  6. Call and ask U.S. Fish and wildlife on what you will need to import the item. you can find the laws for Mexico here. and it clearly states foreign hunters need a license MX guide, or a MX hunting license. Heard Profepa was looking to start going after American guides working illegal in Mexico
  7. My advise is call the customs guys that check the deer for ticks and ask them. then call fish and wildlife and ask them what they want to see. I believe the State of arizona wants the skulls clean do to CWD and that mexico imports deer from CWD areas in the U.S. The one Thing I learned is to speak with FWS directly on what they require. https://www.fws.gov/le/inspection-offices.html
  8. Remember Mexican law requires you to hire a Mexican guide for all hunts or to hold a Mexican hunting license. One can view the mexican hunting laws at hunting.sonora.gob.mx/