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  1. measafrontier

    Unit 10

  2. measafrontier

    Unit 10

    Thanks How much pressure is there? Do the herds migrate much?
  3. measafrontier

    Unit 10

    9 BP
  4. measafrontier

    Unit 10

    Super excited to draw a unit 10 rifle tag. First time hunting unit 10. From prior posts it appears that there is good hunting on the public side, but curious to know if extra fees are worth it to hunt on the Boquillas side? Do they limit the number of hunters on Boquillas or is anyone with a tag eligible to purchase a permit?
  5. measafrontier

    Unit 1 Cow Hunt

    Just curious to know from those familiar with unit 1 about what areas are move productive. We started up near Big Lake and bumped into a few different solo cows, but they had calves and we passed up. No snow to speak of, but most of the water with exception of the W. fork was frozen including Big Lake. We moved down near Greens Peak and bumped into a few more, but couldn't get a shot off. Son will be out of school, so will be able to head back up this weekend.
  6. measafrontier

    23 Turkey

    Sounds like we all had similar experiences......
  7. measafrontier

    23 Turkey

    Did anyone have any luck in 23? We had the early hunt and were up there for the opening weekend. The weather didn't cooperate and we had quite of bit of wind / rain. We didn't hear or see any birds. My buddy went back up the Tues. following opening weekend once the weather settled down and still no luck.
  8. measafrontier

    Turkeys and rain?

    Congratulations on the bird. We hunted 23 on Fri & Sat and had no luck. We found plenty of sign, but the birds were making no noise at all.
  9. measafrontier

    Turkey Hunting and Calling Seminar 4/9 6PM at Mesa Sportsman's

    Great seminar.... very informative. I missed the first part, as I had my four year old but learned new info. and enjoyed the hands on calling. My son came home and proceeded to teach his mom all about turkey.
  10. measafrontier

    Late Bull 22N

    Very nice looking bull. Congrats
  11. measafrontier

    Late Bull 22N

    This is my buddy's elk. Spot and stalk to 300 yards. Shot it yesterday morning.
  12. measafrontier

    Late Bull 22N

    Shot this 5 x 5 on the late hunt. Friday we only saw one elk all day hunting out on the Mesas on the W. end of unit. Sat. it was time to tighten the laces and start hiking. After a long hike buddy glassed up a bull just before daybreak. Had a hard time finding him as I was still breathing heavy and sweating from the long hike. Anyway, missed at 420 and he ran off. This one then popped out with a couple of other bulls. Hit him once at 418 yards. My buddy shot one yesterday that measured around 352 with a missing eye guard. Tough productive hunt.
  13. measafrontier

    12A West

    Nice Job. Did G&F say how many had checked in on Sat as there had only been 9 all day Fri. It sounds like Sat. was busy.
  14. measafrontier

    12A West

    My son got his first deer. Thanks to the suggestions on areas to hunt from the members. We hunted hard all day and didn't see our first deer until around 4:00 P.M. when we kicked up a buck and a doe. We hiked and glassed all morning and saw plenty of sign, but no deer. The buck and doe were in thick juniper and disappeared. Finally about 20 minutes later we caught two doe out in the open. My son set up with a 100 yard shot and dropped her where she stood. Great experience! As of Friday night there had only been 9 deer checked in with G&F. When I talked to G&F in the early afternoon there had only been 4. I believe a total of 100 permits for this youth hunt, so G&F said this was extremely low for opening day. Thanks again for the help.