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Misc. bullets for sale or trade

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Want to sell or trade for Berger 7 mm 175 Grain Elite Hunter. I am open to reasonable D6291D38-052C-41DE-97D3-4571C05B6637.thumb.jpeg.aaf6bd6f16f1a3125521c29a464d6f79.jpeg92A11B66-5BE9-4108-8EDA-E79B91DD4486.thumb.jpeg.d37860e928e9bc8f3428a558a4da5114.jpeg9D7EBF43-1B49-4743-9971-C12852FC1FBC.thumb.jpeg.31707ef6eb60043f4d304f1dee464d29.jpeg188FBFE4-2C83-4EC9-919F-6AA19E0B3BE4.thumb.jpeg.1697b165de4d6d12a4d221d70f40fb72.jpeg483F4A84-1FED-44B6-9BFD-AB92BD95929D.thumb.jpeg.fa33a64e29fe3efe64e191c5f3c371b7.jpegoffers. Some boxes are new and the others I have numbered. I live in north peoria. David

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