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3b muzzy cow hunt-early Dec

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Hi all. My cousin from Iowa drew a 3B December muzzleloader cow hunt this year.  We’ve been up there scouting for a weekend already. Mainly checking out the roads and the country.  He’s coming down around the end of October-he is a snowbird now, and we plan on doing more scouting plus going up several days prior to season.  We drove around the Woolhouse area And lots of roads from there down to the reservation. Some nice looking country in 3B south, but I’ve never scouted it, or hunted it till this year.  Any advice from you guys who have hunted this hunt in the past? G and F says this is mainly aimed at migratory animals.  We would prefer to hunt off the woolhouse..we’re both looking back on 70 and not super excited at the idea of packing out an elk the hard way, but open to anything.  Thanks .

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