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300 AAC BLK Blackout brass

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I have ~7000 cases of 300 blackout brass I converted from 5.56/.223 cases.

  • Twice resized
  • Trimmed to 1.358-1.362" (within SAAMI spec)
  • Swaged primer pockets.
  • Head stamps with thicker walls end up less than or equal to .013" neck wall thickness
  • Annealled
  • Wet tumbled with corrosion inhibitor.

They are all sorted by head stamp. 

  • Aguila
  • CBC
  • FC
  • Frontier
  • IMI
  • Hornady
  • PMC
  • RP
  • S&B
  • WIN
  • WCC

0-500: $0.50/case

500+: $0.25/case

1000+: $0.20/case

~81 case/lb

Let me know what you're looking for. Call/txt 6025019167. 

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@MULEPACKHUNTER It's not too shabby. Running a Dillon 750 with a Bosch router-powered case trimmer (FF honey badger) and on-press swaging.

  • Pos1, FL resize (RCBS small rifle version), decap
  • Pos2, pocket swage
  • Pos3, empty
  • Pos4, FL resize+trim (GSI trimmer adaptable die + FF honey badger adapter)
  • Pos5, empty

I do the sorting and chamfer/debur while watching the idiot box.

The wet tumble takes 1500 cases at a shot.

stack everything in a  dehydrator at 120 deg F for 2 hours

Anneallez makes short work of the annealing

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