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  1. LonePineOutdoors_AZ

    Pay it forward - I will start

    I have 2 ADULT SMALL Kryptek Hyperion SS Highlander shirts. Great for early season hunts for an adolescent hunter. Brand new, never worn. They were an incorrectly filled order from a retailer (Huntsman Outdoors). Rather than pay for shipping back, the retailer sent me the proper sizes and asked me to pay it forward, hence the post. Available for pickup in N Phoenix. DM for details. EDIT: Found a home for these with a young hunter in my neighborhood.
  2. LonePineOutdoors_AZ

    WTB Montana Black Gold Ascent Verdict slider

    Looking to buy a Montana Black Gold Ascent Verdict slider in single or 3 pin. Looking for the model with micro adjust, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd access. Dovetail mount would be a plus.
  3. LonePineOutdoors_AZ

    Montana black gold ascent verdict sight

    Interested, can't send you DM's though.
  4. LonePineOutdoors_AZ

    goHunt - optics customer service review

    I recently had the pleasure of picking Cody Nelson's (from goHunt) brain about optics, specifically 15x56 bino's. I had heard Cody on a Jay Scott podcast and appreciated his knowledge of glass, so when a friend recommended I call him, I was a little surprised. "What, I can just do that?" Welp, yes, you can. So I called the number from the goHunt contact page and after a bit, despite having a busy schedule, Cody was letting me ask him All . Of . The . Questions. Cody took the time to hash out my options and the pro's/con's about each. I feel very confident I'd decided on the best possible glass for my use case with Cody's help. After I'd made a decision, and it came time for the painful part (payment) there were some hiccups with how they did business. Cody got it sorted out right away. I work in a business where we make every attempt to make our clients happy, and his level of attention and care was impressive. He truly values his customers. I just figured I'd share and say, if you have questions about optics and appreciate good customer service, do what I did. Call Cody.
  5. LonePineOutdoors_AZ

    WTS/WTT Ruger Precision Rifle RPR Gen 2 6.5CM (18029) - $999 OBO

    Price reduced.
  6. Selling a lightweight tripod setup. $325 OBO for the lot. Individual prices below. Outdoorsman's Micro Pan Head - $270 - Great condition. The handle foam has some small depressions from storage, but no rips/tears, or marring. Expected and usual wear on finish in adapter channel. Outdoorsman's 1/4-20 adapter - $15 Vortex Summit SS-P - $75 - Good condition. Foam collars near main sections are missing. Minor scuffs/scratches. Twist locks all work as expected. Will come with the Vortex pan-head if purchased separately. Vortex bino mount - $10 - Fits Vortex bino's and standard tripod plate receivers.
  7. LonePineOutdoors_AZ

    Using salt and cameras to locate a specific buck

    @JSR thanks for the detailed response. I plan on getting to work out there this upcoming weekend. Being as you recommend getting the buck on cam to fine tune the salt set, I have the 44# and 50# trace mineral blocks. Should I try busting them up, partially burying them when I set them, or get the appropriate format? @Shawn thanks for the insight on how lions and terrain affect where you set. @grey curse sounds like the blocks I bought might be handy after all. Ill have to research the cattle situation better to see if it'll be a factor. @muledeerarea33? luckily, I have a sturdy and not too heavy shovel. Yay, 1 more thing to pack. @Roosevelt Mark What you do at 'that time of the month', and whatyou do with your body is your choice.
  8. LonePineOutdoors_AZ

    Teamwork and spotting/guiding a shooter in on a buck

    @DCS I think I understand what you mean. I'm not looking to converse while stalking. Since you, and a few others here, are not radio users, any of you non-radio users feel free to answer the following in lieu of answering my original question. what do you do on a stalk (hand signals, solo prep, terrain association, etc)? How did you learn that/those methods? Can you explain your thought process while you're executing your stalk? Why do you prefer that method over radios?
  9. LonePineOutdoors_AZ

    Using salt and cameras to locate a specific buck

    @CatfishKev thanks for pointing me to more info. @thegunsmith2506 thanks for the anecdote supporting the flip side of the salt coin. @Shawn I'm having a hard time finding flat spots like saddles or benches that aren't overgrown. What are your thoughts on clearing brush just enough to get a lick and a camera. @OpticNerd I imagine if I share the unit and GPS coordinates, that might as well guarantee success, right? 😅
  10. LonePineOutdoors_AZ

    Teamwork and spotting/guiding a shooter in on a buck

    @KoosCrazy that seems to be the consensus. thanks for the input. @Tj_G91 my spotter was very nearly behind me rather than side-view, that's something I'll have to keep in mind. @CatfishKev thats an interesting way to keep a line, and visibility. Regarding the ranging and GPS, I've tried it, and it definitely helps with getting in the neighborhood, but I noticed I was always checking my GPS rather than footfall, wind, and my view of whats around me. Definitely willing to give it more practice though.
  11. LonePineOutdoors_AZ

    Teamwork and spotting/guiding a shooter in on a buck

    @ThomC Everyone else seems to have constructive criticism. I don't expect any technology to make me a better hunter just as explaining the difference between software and hardware won't make you any kinder.
  12. LonePineOutdoors_AZ

    Teamwork and spotting/guiding a shooter in on a buck

    @CatfishKev Thanks, I don't feel so bad. @BOWUNTR I am a stalking-challenged individual, so I'll take what I can get to reduce the learning curve. I'm not proud of it, but if it decreases the time between now and when I can not use radios, I'll use em. @lancetkenyon I believe you're right. Believe me, none of these deer were record worthy, as I'm still trying to get my first buck. @azelkhunter2 Those are all really good points. I'll take more time to look at landmarks and keep that in mind when considering the spotter's perspective. And I thought yelling into the radio was SOP?
  13. Hi All, I really appreciated the threads debating types of salt, methods of site prep, and other info. I am interested if anyone has used 1 or more salt lick sites to aide in locating a specific buck. I found some last season sheds of a buck which I think may still be alive, and I'd like to get to work on proof-of-life. My main mode of location will be glassing, but I'm limited to weekends, and the occasional long weekend. Being that I'll only get 2-3 weekends a month to get out, I'd like to get some passive location tactics working. While I have ideas on where to set some cameras, what are your thoughts on wether a salt lick or two will help out. I have about 5 cameras to spare for this endeavor. I've considered that more than 1 new site, and any existing man-made or natural pre-existing sites, may lead to an un-pattern-able buck.
  14. Hi All, This was a hard one to research prior to posting. Plenty of people touch on guiding a hunter in as a spotter and the teamwork it requires. From having a dedicated, reliable glasser, to good communication, there's a lot of kinks to iron out. I'm still new to archery hunting, and hunting in general, but this last archery deer season, I had a the most chances yet to stalk bucks with spotter and radio to guide me in. I blew each one, for one reason or another. The learning curve is/was steep, but there seems to be a lot of good information from Jay Scott, this forum, and a few other locations, to help me capitalize on my failures. One thing I haven't seen covered, which I had to experience and deal with, is how to effectively communicate distances and the direction from the spotter to the hunter. On a few of the stalks, there was a gross difference between the spotter's distance judgments, and my reality on the ground near the deer. For instance, Situation: spotter is approx. 1300yds away, looking through a Swaro 15x56's, Swaro BTX 30x, or a Swaro STS 20-60x80 HD issue 1: we have phone skope images that support the spotter telling me I was 35-45 yds from a buck. In reality, I ranged him at 85 when he popped up unexpectedly. Issue 2: The spotters perception of the buck's position relative to the direction he perceived I was facing, was about 45 degrees difference from how I perceived it. He also couldn't account for the slight incline I was on, at least from the photos. I'm not trying to bag on my spotter, the photo's all support why he made the calls he did. Has anyone experienced this? How do we work out those gaps in communication/perception?