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Browning HC LR - 7mm Magnum

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Browning Hells Canyon Long Range - 7mm Magnum.  Burnt bronze cerkote with ATACS camo stock.  I have an extra magazine to go with it. Talley rings.  Not sure of round count, but guesstimate between 25 and 30.  I did the Christensen Arms break-in method for first 20 rounds.  They no longer make this model, but it sold new for $1,229.99.  It is topped by a Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 FFP with EBR-1 (MOA) reticle (illuminated), I believe.  I think the scope was $1,150 new.  Will separate.  Never hunted.  $1,000 for the gun and $950 for the scope.  Probably have the original boxes for both of these, if that is important to you.  I will keep the cheek pad for another gun.

I never shot this for groups.  I did the break-in with my 15 y.o. kid (we alternate shots).  We shot different amounts of the various ammo in the pic below.  We were switching between this gun and a Rem700-7mm Mag (to allow barrels time to cool and be cleaned) that day.

I have a mixed bag of 7mm ammo available too, for sale to the purchaser of the gun (before I make it available to everyone else; disregard the 6.5 CM boxes in photo...they are not for sale).  We'll have to discuss fair prices if you are interested in it (thinking like $32/box for Federal/Win; $55 for Superperformance; $60 for Precision Hunter - all prorated for the rounds we shot, but you will get the brass).  






Edit: located in Sierra Vista, but willing to meet part way to make a deal.  Travel to Tucson regularly.  Trips to Phoenix sporadically.  Hunting trip in 5b in a few weeks, so can deliver along the way...

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Bump this up.  Get it now, and get it sited in for elk season.

I will be in the Phoenix area almost every weekend from now until Veteran's Day weekend for baseball, so I can get the rifle up to the valley.

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