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Goose Leg Confit

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I had the fortune to shoot some Snow Geese recently.  The meat is awesome.  I know that tradition for most is to just breast the birds but I wanted to share that the leg meat is delicious.  

I just brined, rinsed, and used a modern Confit recipe.  Confit is an old technique where the meat is slow cooked immersed in fat (preferably from the same animal).  Duck Confit is a classic.  Anyways, my geese had very little fat so I used what I had, bacon grease.  I lightly peppered the meat and vacuum sealed with a good dollop of bacon grease.  I then sealed that bag in a second bag.  Then placed the bag in a crockpot of water and cooked on low for 24+ hours.  It was probably done sooner but I did it over Thanksgiving and was otherwise occupied.  

The meat came out falling off the bones, extremely tender, and delicious.  Very mild flavor and nice texture.  Think a good slow cooked pork butt.  The bacon grease did add a slight porky flavor.  

Very good eats and doubled the yield vs. just breast meat. 

We did shredded goose taco's initially and the whole family enjoyed them.  I have since been taking bowls with beans and rice to work.  I have enjoyed the chance to extend the satisfaction of a successful hunt over many meals.  

This method worked so well I plan to try with other game meats.  I think slow cooking in fat will yield a very tender meal.






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