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***ALL SOLD*** FS: 9mm Reloading Components (powder, primers, bullets)

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***ALL SOLD*** I have a bunch of components for loading 9mm that, honestly, I'm never going to get around to using, given my current life and work circumstances.  So I'm going to see if I can find them a new home.  Items are...

  • 4 lb container of TiteGroup, still sealed.  $100  SOLD PENDING FUNDS
  • 4,300 CCI small pistol primers.  $300 SOLD PENDING FUNDS
  • 3,500 115gr FMJ projectiles (jacketed, not plated).  $300

Powder and primers have been stored inside my house, with AC at all times.

I'm only looking to sell face-to-face at this time, as I don't want to mess around with trying to ship powder and/or primers.  I'm located in the West Valley (out by Goodyear), and am fairly flexible in where I can meet in this area.  If shipping is desired for the projectiles, I can do that for an extra $20 via USPS.

All sold; thanks, and happy new year!

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all items sold

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