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6 more days!!

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41 minutes ago, trphyhntr said:


Broke your own rule. 

Yep but it's better  than breaking  the law. Texas is real tough  on trespassing  and shooting  on private  without  permission.  It's a felony.  Trust me I'd have loved to shoot either   pig.

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Well  I'd like to say there's  a happy hunter but the pigs didn't  show for the party. We hunted all we could  and even stayed out till the lightning  was to close for comfort.  But we only saw two pigs . One on the right of way in the road and another  in a neibors.  Lots of deer  ,a armadillo ,a turkey, and raccoons.  We seem to have been late to the party by a month or two as the pigs were on camera regular then . The good news is we can come back anytime  and are planning  to try again  next year just a few months  earlier.




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