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Vibe 130T single/Tandem Fishing kayak package

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Vibe 130T Fishing kayak package for sale - $1000

Link to product website: https://vibekayaks.com/collections/kayaks/products/vibe-yellowfin-130t-tandem-kayak-package?variant=40224372555954

So the package is: kayak with upgrades (deck padding and rudder), (3) rod holders that go in the T tracks, anchor, kayak dolly, a set of paddles. Condition is good with some minor scratches on the underside from shore and what not. Fully loaded its probably north of 100lbs, but I have no issue by myself getting it up on the roof of my truck for transportation.

Can also include a hitch extender for $50 if needed. Al  that is needed to hit the water is life jackets and some rods. 







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