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    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    Was in 21 this weekend. AZ OTC never ceases to humble me. Only saw 1 group of mule deer with (1) 4x4, (1) spike, and like (8) does. Definitely got the rutting vibe as the 4x4 was pushing does. Not very much though. Almost sealed the deal, but the 4x4 pushed the spike of off a doe and it ran 10ft to my left and stopped then busted me. One of these days I'm not gonna get busted at the end.
  2. az_hunter95

    Resolved - please delete

    Thanks elkster9 for the PM, Not really in the market for the 10x14, mostly because of price range.
  3. az_hunter95

    Resolved - please delete

    Looking to purchase a Kodiak Canvas tent if anyone has one that they do not really have a need for anymore, or just want to sell it. Looking to pay at most $500 depending on level of use/wear, or I will just buy one new from FamilyTentCamping.com here soon if no one has one.
  4. I might go back out for saturday. Work has me traveling now for the next few weeks, and I like money so I am going to do that instead.
  5. And I hate to say it, but after chasing the second mule deer, 4x4 with small forks but super wide. I blew the stalk, got super close to the buck & does without realizing it. I'm addicted to mule deer I think,
  6. Okay, First of hunting alone is not bad. CAMPING alone is terrible and so boring. But I did have my most and best quality deer encounters. Hunted hard 3 days and 1 evening. Had a 4x4 mulie at 35 yards first morning, but no shot cause of does running in between and thick ocotillo cover. Saw a lot while glassing, most of the groups I saw were comprised of 7+ does (both WT & Mule). The Mule deer groups that had a buck, had a big buck with only 3-5 does. I did not see any coues bucks with does. Im sure this has changed and they are probably getting dumber by the minute. Didnt see any javelina, but I didn't really look for them as I was preoccupied. Sorry I didnt get any pics of the bucks. By the time I saw them, I was already making moves and things just got western. Only coues buck I saw was well before light and was a forky
  7. Guess I haven't posted in a long time. Bought a spotting scope off someone ~2 years ago. Anyways, My old man is getting a knee replacement on the 30th and am now without a hunting partner. I have both the otc deer and archery javelina tag for january. Looking for another person who is going solo, or a group of 2 that wouldn't mind an extra set of eyes. I hunt 21 every year in January and regularly see coues. My current plan is to drive up the 1st and leave Sunday after the morning/afternoon hunt. I have a truck/4wd, camping gear, spotting scope, backpack and pretty much everything I need to do a solo trip, just would prefer not to do a solo trip. My main target is a nice coues, but being unsuccesful on stalks the past 6 years has me ready to put a stalk on everything legal (minus spikes), and taking a shot should it present itself. Any replies to this thread is greatly appreciated, and good luck to everyone else. PM me for contact info.