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Carmen Mountain Whitetail

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there ain't any such thing as a fantail. coues deer live in the sky islands. google it. almost every population of coues are sorta inbred, because they don't travel much across the desert that seperates the sky islands. therefore each population develops it's own special traits and differences from the other populations. every little range has slight differences in antler shape and size, hair color and markings, body size, etc. from what i've seen, what folks call fantails are young bucks with pretty good genes that have neat little rack on a really small body. my dad killed several he says were fantails, but they came from places that had big populations of coues and there is no way that coues and "fantails" that live together aren't going in crossbreed regularly and wipe out one breed or the other. one of the bucks my dad shot was a 6x7 + eye guards and it was maybe 6 inches wide with beams about as thick as a pencil. had a drop tine on each side and was quite non typical. it was a dinky buck. he gave the rack to his grandma and i don't know what happened to it, but i sure i still had it. he had to wrap the old metal tag around in twice so it wouldn't come off. Lark.

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