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  1. .270

    Lamp shades

    Piss on this god damned site. If they can't even keep a password secure there's no telling what else they allow you don't know about.
  2. .270

    Lamp shades

    Only goddam way it can be done is for someone to have my password. Typical for this site. More censorship. Lark
  3. .270

    Lamp shades

    I don't know how to fix it but I do how to kill the sonofabitch that did. Lark
  4. .270

    Lamp shades

    I just noticed some queer changed my name. I hate you casey. Lark
  5. .270

    Lamp shades

    Nah, keep the skin flute. We always used em in the kids rooms when they were growin' up. They kinda smell funny if you use a 100w bulb. He had his big toes turned into fobs for pull chains, but I'm gonna keep them I think. Unless somebody wants em real bad to keep the set together. Make an offer. Lark
  6. .270


  7. .270

    Lamp shades

    Have 2 lamp shades that I inhereted. Nobody else would take em. My grandad's old merchant marine buddy lost both legs to diabetes and he had em skinned and turned into lampshades and grampa ended up with em when he died. Then I ended up with em. Both are covered with kinda porno themed tattoos. they creep mrs .270 out so I'm gonna let em go. Open to offers. Lark
  8. .270

    Head Shots vs Lung/Heart

    Shoot for the biggest part. Made a few head shots on big game. Usually accidently. It's real deadly but a lot harder shot to make. Lung shot is a sure thing. Unless you use a copper bullet. Gets kinda iffy then. Small game with a .22, shoot for the head.
  9. The equation is small wiener=big scope. Or is that bc? Hel I can't remember. I always try to use a 40 objective or smaller. But mostly because I don't like the high profile. For several reasons. Most of my scabbards for horseback won't fit a 50 and I don't like to crane my neck to look through a high scope. Don't know or care about all the differences. Lark
  10. .270

    White one

    This was at close to 7k. Lark
  11. Only recommendation I have is that I get drawn for everything i apply for. Lark
  12. .270

    Bergers FAILED me horribly

    So you're spending all this time and effort to make a bullet that costs 4x what a good ol' lead/copper bullet does, trying to come kinda close to working as well? I don't get it. And, every time, with no exception, that I've been with someone shooting bull elk with copper bullets, they run off. Every time. Even with a .338-378. Perfect lung shots. Track em off into a canyon. If you end up with a tracking job with a lead/copper bullet it is because of poor marksmanship. Nope, I ain't ever using copper bullets and I've quit going with anyone that uses em. Lark
  13. .270

    Can you fly and hunt the same day in Arizona?

    I don't know, ax vaquero outfitters. I do know you can't swim right after you eat. Lark
  14. .270

    Bergers FAILED me horribly

    I've always shot sierras, hornadys, speers, some nosler partitions, etc. Just plain Jane jacketed lead bullets. Never had one "fail". Some of the sierras lose the jacket sometimes, but only after the bullet turned wrong side out. They all killed the heck outta whatever I shot. And I've shot a buncha stuff with all kindsa guns, all kinds a calibers. I read about all these failures and I don't get it. Use something that works. And I'd never use an all copper bullet. Every time I've been around em it was a disaster. Lark
  15. .270

    big enough

    Works fine when one is up a tree. Not much use for a long shot. Just because something says magnum it doesn't mean much. A .357 is considerably inferior to a .30-30. Lark