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Africa... it never leaves your system!

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Great write up and the pictures were awesome. I got one of the African hunts from the Arizona Elk Society Banquet on Saturday. If you have any words of wisdom for getting ready for a trip I'd love to hear 'em.

Did you get the first one for $1800 and for 3 hunters I believe it was or the second one for 2 hunters? Either way it was a good buy. Good luck on your hunt. Can't wait to see some pictures. :)



I got the first one. I'm going with my wife (a non-hunter) and my buddy and his wife. But we're not going to go until the summer of 2014 to save up some money.


Thanks to all for the comments. I didn't even think about practicing shooting through narrow openings so I'll have to redesign the targets in my backyard.

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