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  1. Found one I'm good to go. Hope you were able to sell this to another member.
  2. Is this rifle still available? I'm looking for my first muzzleloader though I have been hunting for 60 years. I have a GMU 9 Muzzleloader deer tag in early November. I live in Flagstaff but can come to the valley.
  3. cosninocanines

    Background Problems

    I'm away but will be back in a few days and will follow up with FFL Sportsman's about their policy.
  4. Has anybody had problems with a background check for firearms. I won a pistol from the Arizona Elk Society and had it mailed to Sportsman's Warehouse in Flagstaff on April 7, 2019. I filled out the required background info and the CJIS placed it in "Delayed Status" which I'm still in today 2 months later. Sportsman's says there is nothing they can do and I have tried email and mail communication with the feds with no reply other than "If your status is delayed please be advised that the FBI is not accepting challenges for firearm-related delays at this time". Anybody on here know what if any avenues I have to follow up? I picked up a rifle about 3 years ago and passed the check with no problem so I just have no idea what to do. Thank You for any assistance or suggestions.
  5. cosninocanines

    Interesting mix

    Interesting mix of critters over the last few weeks.
  6. cosninocanines

    MVUM rant again... Still...

    Agree! Signs are needed however blocking the roads could have an adverse affect on fire crews responding to a fire. Generally first responders are in a pickup or small engine and trenches or boulders would slow the response down considerably.
  7. cosninocanines

    is this considered Flying and unable to hunt same day?

    Year Round! Bonus points during active hunts. 😎
  8. cosninocanines

    My wife’s 2018 bull bison hunt video

    Saw this on FB great video and fantastic hunt. Congratulations on a very nice Bull.
  9. cosninocanines

    AZGFD wants your ideas

    I like this a Heritage Stamp like a duck stamp would be available to everybody whether they had a hunting license or not.
  10. cosninocanines

    Where am I

    In your recliner dreaming!
  11. cosninocanines

    Fantasy Football Time?

    Was in the free CWT last year and would join that league again this year if you have it.
  12. cosninocanines

    Who remembers 49 years ago tonight?

    Didn't have a tv so several families gathered at a neighbors house to watch. I remember it like it was yesterday even though I can't remember what I did yesterdaay.
  13. While hauling water this summer I encountered a fresh lion kill after observing a few vultures in a snag. I walked over and estimate the elk calf had been killed that night or early morning. Over the next 6 hours I checked each time I passed with another load and after those 6 hours and between the vultures some crows and a few coyotes the rib cage and what was left of the hind quarters as well as the head were stripped clean. Lower legs still had hide on them but I suspect not for long. 2 days later bones were scattered in every direction and there was no meat to be found.
  14. cosninocanines

    AZGFD Ammunition Testing Event Today

    Thank You! I have 6 boxes of Barnes TSX in various cal and weights I have been very happy with my range results but have yet to draw a tag and or fill a tag with these. The Barnes have been experiencing some bad raps lately but I will stick with them when I do draw a tag.
  15. cosninocanines

    Barnes Ammunition

    I have two rifles in my house that love Barnes ammo, and never had any problems. But all the ammo I have is one to two years old. What caliber was he shooting? 300 RUMag