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Wade Armstrong's Hunt Of A Lifetime!

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Hey everyone, I saw that this video was finally posted up on Wired Outdoors website and wanted to share it with you all here. I unfortunately was booked up elsewhere and could not be on this hunt, but our friend Dusty Mathis stepped up to the plate and donated his time to organize, outfit and guide the hunt for us! My brother Tommy and a bunch of other great folks donated their time and talent as well and you'll see they all shared an unforgettable experience!


Wired Outdoors was able to participate and film the entire hunt and as you'll see in the video they are awesome folks! Thanks to Wired Outdoors for all you do!



I posted this on my site as well but I saw the video didn't show up on here so here ya go. It's kinda long and you might also want to have a dry hankie or tissue handy, I know I got choked up pretty bad! ;)





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Wow, if that doesn't choke you up you ain't human. Many thanks Jim for sharing Wade's Hunt Of A Lifetime with us. This just goes to show how many good folks there are in this world who donate their time and money to make something like this possible. Kuddo's to everyone involved. :)



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