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Where can I buy a decent unit map

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If you have not played with it, the new mapping program on the G&F website is actually pretty good. It has standard topo maps plus sattelite imaging. You can add your own notes (draw routes, add GPS coords etc..). You can then save it as a jpeg and print it out at your convenience. http://www.azaccessmap.com/ Its not as user friendly as I would like, but once you get the hang of it, its not bad. You can print out any unit or area in Az that you want.


Another one that I have been playing with is CalTopo www.caltopo.com . It has a lot of the same maps as the G&F website (among others) but also has some historical maps. I have spent quite some time looking at the older maps and find them pretty interesting. Caltopo does not have 100% coverage of their historical maps, but it has a bunch.


Both of those are free so I would invest in some waterproof printer paper, or just use regular printer paper and put it in a gallon zip lock bag to keep it dry.

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