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If you still will apply in AZ after you move to NM, have you considered buying a lifetime license? That way you do not have to buy a NR license every year just to apply, and you will be considered as a resident in the draw, but still would pay NR fees for the permit.


I didn't know about that. I sure will look into that. I never had a reason before to pay attention to the liscense rules. It wouldn't cause any problems with my resident status in NM would it.

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Nope. You'd still have to apply for non-resident tags, just with a resident AZ license.


Yep. I just read through the regs. Still it would save me from having to purchase a NR liscence every year, which would be very expensive. Might as well take advantage of being a resident of Arizona for 52 years. $525.00 will be a good investment. I could still come back to visit my sons and do some quail hunting with them every year.

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