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Vanguard tripod

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For sale is a like new Vanguard 264 AO tripod. This tripod is in almost perfect condition. All foam leg protectors are perfect, there are a few very small scratches on the top of the legs, extends to 6' tall to the heads plate, so great for most people for glassing standing up. Only reason I am selling is I upgraded to a CF tripod. Has everything it came with new, even the box. These sell for $170+tax at Sportsmans Warehouse. Asking $135





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I have one of these. For that price I don't think you can get a better setup. Very sturdy (will support 11 pounds) and weighs in at about 4.6 pounds. I've used it for glassing and to shoot off of using The Claw. The head is surprisingly really good and smooth for the price range. I want to upgrade to a Manfrotto head (500 AH) and Slik legs (723CF). But as good as this tripod is, I haven't been able to justify it. Might have to get myself the new setup and pass the Vanguard to my son.


Great deal for someone wanting a good tripod at a reasonable price.

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