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Annealing with salt

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I'm jumping into this thread a bit late, but hoping some of the contributors will see this and maybe be able to lend me some help. I bumped into the first article I had seen about salt bath annealing a few weeks ago and it was an "ahah" moment for me. This should have the consistency that is lacking in the propane torch method of annealing, while avoiding the astronomical cost of entry of buying an induction machine and annealing electrically. I immediately decided I was going to round up the parts necessary to give this a try. 

.......and that is my problem. I think a bunch of people had the same idea I did because buying a small quantity of the appropriate salts is something I haven't been able to find. everybody that advertises these systems is sold out. So where did you guys find the appropriate salt?

Ballistics Recreations lists a "system" that can be  purchased, but it looks like they are sold out of pretty much everything. Buying/making a pot to heat this stuff up isn't a big deal for me. Making a rack to drop the brass into and keep it correctly suspended in the salt isn't a big deal for me either. So mostly I just need a source to buy an appropriate quantity of the correct salt. Help!?!

PM's are welcomed, or if somebody is within a reasonable distance from Tucson and would like to brag about their success implementing this type of annealing in person, I would gladly drive and listen!

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6 hours ago, Tac said:

i found my salt from a place call hightemptools.com

Perfect! I have already placed an order. Thanks for the help!

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