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Big Boquillas Ranch

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I had the late cow hunt 5 years ago and it was a really tough hunt. We hunted for 6 days and only saw 3 elk the entire trip. When we went scouting they where every where. Good luck will be a tough hunt for sure. North of Seligman was where we heard a lot of the guys had success. We mostly hunted the the south east corner of the unit. If it has started to freeze they will be pushing down lower twords the kiabab in that corner but when we went it was really warm.

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Game Planner Maps makes custom maps for Unit 10 which include the Big Bo boundary and all the ranch access points.



Check out the Free Map Viewer and use it for all your research and map scouting. Just register here with a valid email and look for our confirmation email.

Then login to your acct and go to the Free Map Viewer menu on our home page.


Shoot me an email if you have any question ed@gameplannermaps.com





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