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Florida Hunting

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Hello all,

To give a little background before I get to my question, I decided to enlist in the Navy around February time and shipped out of Phoenix Meps to Bootcamp August 14. Just recently I graduated In early October then they flew me out to Pensacola Florida for my schooling. So while I have some time here, I would like to get back out in the outdoors and do what I love most, hunt. The problem I am encountering is Im not quite sure how everything works here and while I have done my research, Im not getting the answers I need and the questions I need to ask. So Ive come to the forum for help. I understand theres management units here and what not but I have no idea where to start as far as where to go. Further upon that, tags and licenses arent very well described either and Im kinda up in the air with that. If anyone has information that lead me in the right direction, that would sure be appreciated! Thank you!

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My hunting career started in florida. Hogs mostly, but alligator, deer and plenty of fishing. We used to hit the swamps with dogs for hogs and deer. Public land is a little weird. I am going to ask my dad who still hunts a bunch near crystal river. I think he applies once every other year for a particular GMU. They line up and camp outside the local court house for a permit. Although, ill have to speak with him.


I remember hunting on public land somewhere near Perry for hogs. The whole of the Florida panhandle is pretty rural so their should be plenty of opportunity for you.

I’ll get some better info and PM you.

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