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Beretta silver pigeon 20 ga

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I have an older silver pigeonI don't use anymore. It is just back from beretta where it was fitted with a new set of barrels and ejectors, the rest of the shotgun was cleaned and serviced. The stock is rough with bings and marks (this was my main mearns gun for quite some time). I have two sets of beretta chokes for it and two extended briley skeet chokes. Let me know if interested. Looking to trade for some good optics, ie spotting scope, binos, or a high end rifle scope or a long range rifle in 30 nosler, 28 nosler, 300 wm, or possibly a 6.5 AR.


Sell price is 1300. Fitting the new set of barrels and ejectors cost me this much.


Text for pictures



Im in NM but traveling to Az in Dec and Jan for mearns hunts.

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I'm not a very tech savy guy I use to post alot on forums with photobucket but it was always a pain. Anyway I have no clue how to do it now but can definitely text anybody some.

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