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Mathews Heli-m, Spot Hogg, Rip Cord, Bee Stinger and Quiver

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Bow: $400

28.5" draw length. Strings are less than a year old and in very good condition. Color is the Lost camo pattern.


Quiver: $100

Mathews Arrowweb FP Two-Piece Quiver also in Lost pattern. Holds 5 arrows.


Sights: $70

Spot Hogg Real Deal 7 pin sight. Pin sizes are .19.


Rest: $60

Rip Cord


Stabilizer: $40

10" Bee Stinger Sport Hunter. I removed the sticker logo so it is all black.


Will sell as a complete package for $600 or individual items for the prices listed. Located in Tucson.






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