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  1. Very clean. Fewer than 60 rounds through it. Factory muzzle break and adjustable cheek piece. Price includes the 20MOA Seekins rail. Bipod not included. $700 obo. Located in Tucson.
  2. Bow: $400 28.5" draw length. Strings are less than a year old and in very good condition. Color is the Lost camo pattern. Quiver: $100 Mathews Arrowweb FP Two-Piece Quiver also in Lost pattern. Holds 5 arrows. Sights: $70 Spot Hogg Real Deal 7 pin sight. Pin sizes are .19. Rest: $60 Rip Cord Stabilizer: $40 10" Bee Stinger Sport Hunter. I removed the sticker logo so it is all black. Will sell as a complete package for $600 or individual items for the prices listed. Located in Tucson.
  3. KadeAZ

    Swarvoski 15 x 56 HD new

    Interested in these. Please let me know if they are still available.
  4. KadeAZ

    Swarovski 15x56 (non HD)

    Very sorry for the late reply. I don't get notifications for some reason. Yes they are still available.
  5. KadeAZ

    Swarovski 15x56 (non HD)

    Selling them to fund another purchase, so I'd like cash. Thanks anyways.
  6. KadeAZ

    Swarovski 15x56 (non HD)

    Asking $1500 firm. In great condition. Comes with original box and carrying case.
  7. I'm selling my Archer Xtreme Carbon Carnivore sight in like-new condition. ASKING $120. This sight retails at $179 with 5 pins and I sent it to the factory to have the other 3 added. It's a great sight. Located in Tucson but I will ship it if necessary. You can see the product details here: http://archerxtreme.com/products/item/carbon-carnivore/
  8. KadeAZ

    Dream Hunt of A Lifetime

    Great wright up, Cody. Reading it I felt like I was there! Congratulations on a great buck. - Kade