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Once fired brass

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Getting rid of my brass I've been collecting.

Don't know values of these so any input would be appreciated.

7 boxes 300wsm Winchester nickle plated

1 box 300wsm federal

6 boxes 308 federal,nosler, Winchester

1 box 300 blackout Remington hog hunter- nickel plated

620 cases 300 blk-out misc in bags

284 308 misc in bags

258 45 acp misc

212 223 misc

118 9mm misc

43. 38spcl + 4 rounds loaded

9. 40 Cal

I know they buy it by the pound locally, but I was hoping someone on here would have interest.

Thanks, Kirk





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Ok, blackout brass still available.

Phone number listed above. Call or text. Or pm.

Since not much other interest will probably just sell rest to Craigslist guy.

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