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Looking for a .243

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On 9/11/2018 at 11:10 PM, Coach said:

I'm thinking about finally getting a .243. My first two choices are a Win 70 featherweight or Ruger Hawkeye. But I'm open to suggestions. I want something with a wood stock, good trigger, kind of traditional. I'm not opposed to something like a Tikka Hunter. What are your thoughts on the best .243 that performs well but has that trad feel?

Well if you want a super accurate rifle and would not mind a synthetic stock, ruger American predator rifle.... I just picked up my 4th.  I have 2 in 6.5 creed  1 in 223 and one in 6 Creedmoor which is a supped up 243 all shoot 1/2 or better 

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Try CDNN.com website, several choices starting at $279. 

Plus one on Tikkas  as well. 

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