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257 STW

Remington Model 600 243 question

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On 2/24/2019 at 5:50 AM, drcarr said:

Can still remember my father and I looking through the used gun racks, at the "Cashbox" a Tucson area pawn shop, for my first big game rifle... it was 1970 and my ten-year-old eyes were dazzled by a long double rack of bolt action rifles ... there were quite a few vent ribbed Remington 600 rifles chambered in either the triple deuce or the 243 Winchester... Those rifles came with your choice of a fixed 4 power Bushnell or Weaver scope... unfortunately at $125 each they were still a little too pricey for our family to afford... well those sure were the good old days... LOL... Finally found a well-worn Remington 721 in 30 ought 6 that I still occasionally carry in the field while hunting deer or javelina....

Ahhh, the Cashbox.

Dad and I would meet mom after she left work, at Mamma Louisa for dinner. But we'd leave early and hit the Cashbox first.

Remember the Kabar display and the racks and racks of M1s and BARs?

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