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Volunteer Opportunities with AGFD projects

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From AGFD:


Volunteer opportunities for hunters

By Les Bell, volunteer coordinator, Arizona Game and Fish Department


The Arizona Game and Fish Department’s volunteer program provides opportunities for volunteers to participate firsthand in managing Arizona’s wildlife resources. Our goal is to provide you with a congenial and cooperative atmosphere where you can build relationships with staff and other volunteers, as well as gain knowledge about Arizona wildlife and wildlife management. We recognize that your time is important and strive to provide rewarding and educational volunteer experiences.


We’ve listed some opportunities in which you may have an interest. To learn about other opportunities or to submit information about a project that would benefit from our volunteers, check our volunteer page at www.azgfd.gov/volunteer.




March 15

Reclaim of Wildcat Road near Yellowjacket Creek

The Arizona Antelope Foundation is coordinating this project and will provide a free steak dinner to all volunteers on Saturday night.


This project will involve moving rocks, signing, spreading juniper limbs, digging, and whatever else we can do to cut off two ends of a wildcat road that was started a number of years ago. Folks may want to bring a pick and shovel if they have them.


For more information please visit:

www.azantelope.org or contact Scott Anderson at (480) 213-1611.



March 15 & 16

Tres Rios Nature and Earth Festival

The event focuses on the rich diversity of wildlife, habitat, history and culture of the Gila River drainage. Volunteers are needed for information booth, hospitality, educational area, parking lot, fishing clinic, canoe clinic, clean up and nature trail.


For more information contact: Angela Vasiloff, Volunteer Coordinator (623) 204-2130 or angela_duleno@hotmail.com.




March 20-24

Black-footed ferret spring spotlighting project

The Black-footed Ferret Project is planning another large spotlighting effort. Spotlighting involves the use of high-powered lights to locate black-footed ferrets, for capture, tagging, health check and re-releasing for management purposes of this endangered species.


To register and for more details, contact:




March - immediate

Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center

Volunteers needed to assist 5 hours a week minimum with general office, typing, filing, data entry, organization of paperwork and supplies. Work will be done indoors, mostly sitting with some standing and walking.


Contact: ktharp@azgfd.gov or (623) 236-7238



March - Immediate

Shotgun instructors and range safety officers for women’s classes

Instructors will assist women of all ages in shotgun shooting sports. Range safety officers will watch over the range and ensure safety among all participants. Applicants must be at least 21 years old and participate in a free-of-charge Shotgun Instructor Certification process (two-day class). It is desirable, but not necessary, that instructors have shooting experience, basic knowledge of firearms and firearms safety, and some teaching/public speaking experience.


For more information, contact: (623) 582-8313



March – Year round

Ben Avery Shooting Facility - Range safety officers needed

Responsibilities include checking the safe condition of customer firearms, observing participants while they are shooting on the range, maintaining safe operation of the shooting line, and providing superior customer service by answering customer questions about firearms. Volunteers shoot for free


Contact Volunteer Coordinator Les Bell at (623) 236-7680.



April 1 – October 31

Summer Host - Tonto Creek Hatchery, Payson

Wildlife area host live on site, assist with facility maintenance and interact with visitors. Additional duties include providing change for feed machines, cleaning visitor restrooms, and other duties as needed. Hosts are on duty from 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. on weekends and holidays, and on weekdays when there are large groups of visitors. Host should have good communication and interpersonal skills, enjoy talking with different types of people, be able to provide excellent customer service, and accept and follow supervision/instruction from hatchery employees. Accommodations along with fresh water, electrical, propane and septic are provided.


To provide references and be interviewed via phone, contact Les Bell at (623) 236-7680 or lbell@azgfd.gov.



Saturdays, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Page Springs Wildlife Area Trail Maintenance

Volunteers assist with trail maintenance, using hand tools such as rakes, shovels and clippers. This is a cooperative project with the Northern Audubon Society.


For more information, contact Les Bell at: lbell@azgfd.gov or (623) 236-7680.

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