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San Carlos/Youth public land 2019

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San Carlos bird 21 pounds, 10.5 inch beard, tough hunt called in several but had accuracy problems missed several. My son's hunt was his 6th consecutive tag in a certain unit and he is 6 for 6. He also missed several birds this year, but was able to shoot this young bird. All of his shots where around 25 yards.  The problem with some of the long range ammo we use is a very tight group at close range. 

Most of the toms were all alone and all of the hens we saw were by themselves. I believe they were on eggs already, or in the process. This great news for all you guys this week-end.  What worked best for us was moving on toms several times.  We found this made them believe we were a real hen on the move.  There were several people up in the area calling toms,.  They were calling for fun, but they were not hunting.


ETA Not sure why the pictures are posting sideways?



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