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On 5/3/2019 at 4:55 PM, Hrsbkhntr said:

Nice catch. How do you feel about the new guidelines and current closures?

I don’t like any new regulations on anything period . I hate to say this but with HSUS trying to take our mountain lion and bobcats from us I feel that the azgfd made the right call . Sometimes we have to compromise to keep what we want . That being said the timing was terrible ! The quotas were met in many units due to the amazing winter we had . Now HSUS feels like they were set to high . Truth be told If we had an average AZ winter I think only 1 zone would have been shut down . 

As far as the closures it doesn’t affect me . Due to the amazing winter we caught 16 lions  from August to April . Out of the 16 we harvested 2 toms . So being able to pursue them enables me to do what I would do 98 percent of the time catch and release . 

I feel like a lot of  hounds men / trappers bring a lot of this heat that’s coming down on themselves. I watch these idiots post videos that don’t need to be posted in this day and age . All it does is gives the anti groups ammo to use against us . When I get to a tree I look up at one of the most magnificent creatures on the planet ,  I watch the excitement that it brings my dogs and I thank the lord for the opportunity to be a part of it . To many hounds men think they have to harvest anything and everything they catch . Sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and reflect on how lucky we are to have the opportunity to witness such a feat ,pull the dogs and dream of the next time we meet . 

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On 5/6/2019 at 2:58 PM, lionhunter said:

well done.  Tree climbing dogs make for cool pictures, but man have I seen that go bad many times!!  Congrats on the lion.

(I like that you referred to those dogs as high tans, not a lot of guys do.)

Good hunting


Yeah I’m not a fan of tree climbing dogs . That dog is my pride and joy so I snapped the picture and corrected her right away . 

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