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Misleading info from G&F

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the Arizona Game and Fish is misleading the public on the rules for importing deer and elk into the state. If you have received emails or have been on G&F website, you have been told that it is illegal to import any raw or unprocessed deer/elk into the state. this is to protect our herd from chronic wasting. THIS INFORMATION IS WRONG. you can bring your out of state deer/elk back home to your licensed taxidermist/meat processor. here is an email from the Game & Fish to taxidermist and meat processors that help them collect samples for testing.


Thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this issue.

We have met with leadership in AGFD's Law Enforcement Program and have come to a resolution.

According to the Arizona Game and Fish Commission Rule R12-4-305, out of state hunters may only import into Arizona and possess the following portions of cervids lawfully taken in another state or country:

• Boneless portions of meat, or meat that has been cut and packaged;

• Clean hides and capes with no skull or soft tissue attached;

• Antlers, clean skull plates or skulls with antlers attached with no meat, soft tissue OR antler velvet attached;

• Finished taxidermy mounts or products; and

• Upper canine teeth with no meat or tissue attached

Because of this rule, there have been concerns regarding your ability to lawfully collect samples from animals harvested out of state. We have worked with leadership in the Law Enforcement Program and have agreed that hunters will be permitted to bring their out of state harvest into Arizona in a condition other than above only if it is transported directly to a licensed meat processor or taxidermist. You may still accept these animals, and hunters will not be held liable. However, please be aware that hunters submitting samples from out of state harvests will be sent a letter informing them of recent changes to this rule.

These laws are enforced in an effort to protect Arizona from the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease, an effort you have been instrumental in achieving. I appreciate your continued support of this program and our mission to keep Arizona CWD-free.


Arizona Game and Fish Department

azgfd.gov | 5000 West Carefree Highway, Phoenix, AZ 85086

the G&F has been email blasting and posting news releases without telling the whole truth. There is nothing wrong or illegal with you wanting to bring your animal back to Arizona to your licensed taxidermist /meat processor. even if their information says different, I know a lot of the out of state seasons have already started, so please share this with as many people and pages as you can.


Southwest Wildlife Taxidermy

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