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Don’t have need for a 243 and never shoot it. Under 150 rounds . Weatherby vanguard S2. 
 Will include rings and can throw a vortex crossfire 2-7 in if someone needs it. Will include a set of dies and whatever ammo I have for it. 

Consistent 3/4 -1 Moa gun with half MOA on occasion. Likes hornady american whitetail ammo. 

Located in East Valley. 480 two four one, 8182

$400 OBO. Would probably trade for a mystery ranch metcalf



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Pics attached. 8 boxes of ammo with:

Remington 20/20

Hornady American Whitetail 11/20

Federal 19/20

winchester 17/20

Hornady Reduced recoil 20/20 and 14/20

Hornady Superperformance 17/20

reloads of Speer 85 BTSP over 38g varget 16/20

Lee RGB dies and a mostly full box of Speer 85gr BTSP


I originally picked up this for my son. He went straight from his 223 to my wife’s braked 308. 

it’s a full sized rifle with 24” barrel.

Perfect for someone under the tree!









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few folks in the queue, just working on details and scheduleS. Message if you want to be added in case anything falls through.

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