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Savage Rascal - Youth Rifle in 22LR

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This little right hand rifle is a great starter rifle for young, inexperienced shooters.  This rifle is near new and has been used on four different occasions; each time to teach a grandchild at the range.  I would estimate some 250 to 300 rounds down the barrel.  The single feed action (no magazine) makes it a safe choice for beginners as there is no place for cartridges to 'hide'.  It has a 16" barrel  that comes with a peep/target sight.  Receiver is drilled and tapped.  It weighs maybe 3-4 pounds (haven't weighed it).  The stock is slender in the wrist and forearm areas for better ergonomics for smaller hands.  Unlike models of similar size and weight, this rifle sports the famous Savage accu-trigger for an easier, smoother pull.  Only reason I am selling is grandkids have outgrown it.  Price is: $130.  Not looking for any trades at this time.  Low Ballers - just keep on scrolling. 

I try to be up front with anything I sell.  An "I'll take it" posted in the thread will trump any PM.  Save the PM's for questions or other comments.  If you prefer, you can call/text me at 602-361-7191, but the post in the thread trumps even that.  This way, no late party can come and snipe your "I'll Take It" with a higher offer at a later date.  It's just the way I do business.  I try to give CWT members first shot when I sell, so this stock will not be posted on any other websites for the first week.




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