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New to Dove - Where to Start?

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I have experience with big game and predator hunting but am absolutely inexperienced with dove here in Arizona or anywhere for that matter. I would love to get out there and give it a try but haven't the slightest idea where to start.

I'm in the North Phoenix/Cave Creek area and would love any advice for a dove beginner. General location, things to look for, suggestions without a dog etc.

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Dove can & will be found along almost any wash, river bed, or field (Or a dairy, if you're lucky enough to find a contact that has one and will let you hunt.).  Excellent spots can be hard to find though, and information on excellent locations is generally held tight. ;)  

I joined a friend on a mule deer hunt along the Gila river valley SW of Phoenix a couple of weeks ago.  If you want to explore a bit, you will likely find a spot or two.  Go to Gila Bend, and then head west on I-8.   Google Painted Rock, Agua Caliente, Palomas.....     There is lots of state/public land that borders cotton, alfalfa, and river bottom.    Not 'dairy level' hunting, but there are doves there.

This area is just an example.  There are areas closer and further. 

Good luck!


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