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2020 Trekking Poles

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I have Cascade Mountain Tech carbon fiber poles. I had aluminum ones before this but gave them to Tom Wagner a couple of years ago when he was doing an equipment drive. I think they aluminum ones felt sturdier.

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On 11/20/2020 at 11:05 AM, CouesPursuit said:

Pole Style -

I liked the idea of the Z pole setup, thinking without adjustment, there is less to fail. I imagine when using a tarp system in the backcountry, adjustability really shines. No adjustment also equates to weight savings. How often do these higher end pole locks fail in the field and thoughts on a fixed pole height? 

Black Diamond for example has a hybrid model ("FLZ"), z style with one adjustment, pack down to 14", best of both worlds?

Go with adjustable. It is nice to be able to make them longer for downhill stretches and shorter for steep uphills. I have a set of black diamond poles and have zero issues with the locks failing. I do tighten things up every now and then though.


Any tarp system that is very tall will require you to lash poles together anyways, so adjustability may be non issue when it comes to setting up a tarp system. 

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