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Desert muley

Reloading misc. and bench cleanup

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RCBS 5-0-5 scale $50.00, Little Dandy Pistol Powder Measure $25.00,Pistol Powder Measure Roters #s 2,7,9,10,15,17,18,19,23,and 25 10.00 ea. @Lee Bullet Lube and Resizing kits 1 open 1 not $10.00,1 Remington 12 Ga.Mod choke tube unopened $15.00  100 Sierra Pro Hunter 140 gr bullets 7mm $50.00 I also have 1 ziplock bag of .223 brass I am not going to count them but they weigh about 5 lbs Make offer i don't know what they are worth I just know that they are getting hard to come by and I have no need of them. All items are OBO trade items would be  Berger VLD for 270 130gr or 150 gr or 7mm 168 gr alo need some H4350

shotgun reloading 003.JPG

shotgun reloading 004.JPG

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